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Every aspect of my practice is designed for your privacy and convenience.

  1. Office
  2. Records
  3. Third Party Payers
  4. Confidentiality and Office Staff
  5. Pharmacy and Prescription Medications
  6. Laboratory Services

1.  Office:

Carefully designed:

I have chosen the location and design of my office so you have no unexpected meetings when coming or going from my office.

My central Bellevue office is in an easily accessible, nondescript business park with a large, anonymous parking area (ADA).

My waiting room serves only my office and I stagger appointments, so you will be the only person there.

My office is completely private, and we'll be uninterrupted.

You leave the office through a second, separate door that lets you out into the hallway. Patients don’t exit back through the waiting room.

2.  Records:

What happens in my office stays in my office:

Paper and digital records are kept for each patient.

Digital medical records are encrypted and kept on a fingerprint-protected laptop computer which does not leave the premises.

All records, paper and electronic, are secured in my half ton (1009 lbs.) FireKing™ file cabinet, which is certified fire-, impact-, and explosion-proof.

3.  Third Party Payers:

Not an issue:

I accept cash only at the time of service. Fee structure discussed when you call for an appointment. 

Checks are acceptable at your option.

At this time, I do not accept credit cards.

I do not bill insurance, but if you want to work with your insurance company yourself, I can give you a properly coded bill at the time of service.

You and I agree on treatment and payment without outside oversight or approval.

4.  Confidentiality and Office Staff:

Loose Lips Sink Ships!

I have streamlined and minimized paperwork so I am able to offer full service evaluation and treatment services without clerical or nursing support.

As a solo practitioner, I manage my own appointment schedule; that way, I can provide appointments with maximum flexibility and privacy.

Obviously, no pre-screening nurse or office staff.

5.  Pharmacy and Prescription Medications:

I have a discrete pharmacy arrangement so that you may receive prescription medications privately.


6.  Laboratory—Not always needed, but when they are:

Laboratory tests are sometimes necessary to clarify a diagnosis, identify the cause of slow progress, or to rule out a medical problem.

I have an agreement with Meridian Valley Labs in Renton, who will run tests anonymously.